Ultrafiltrationultrafiltr resize

Ultrafiltration systems may be used to produce drinking water from any surface water source. UV membrane catches suspended matters, microorganisms, algae, bacteria and viruses and removes turbidity. Ultrafiltration substitutes the process of settling and microfiltering. Virus removal degree reaches 90%. As regards from reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration does not change mineral composition of water.

The basic advantage of ultrafiltration is high stable quality of treated water notwithstanding the initial water quality.

Advantages of ultrafiltration in comparison with other treatment techniques:

  • Efficient water filtration at low working pressure 1-2 bars;
  • Complete process automation;
  • Complete removal of suspended matters;
  • Disinfection (removal of 90% of bacteria and viruses);
  • Efficient removal of colloidal and organic substances;
  • Ultrathin water treatment (filtering degree is 0.01 microns).


  • Numerous chemical flushing;
  • High cost of ultrafiltration modules at relatively short life cycle.